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Bloody Crayons.2017.torrent

Bloody Crayons.2017.torrent


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 21 Iulie 2017

Language : Filipino

Country : Philippines

Sinopsys :

Bloody Crayons.2017.torrent –  The youth group came to a number of islands for the shooting of their  film project Bloody Crayons .  They will take advantage of the old home owned by Olivia’s family (Jane Oineza). Fun all arriving on the island, but before it gets dark there will be tension due to issues of  love triangle   between Marie (Sofia Andres), Kenly (Diego V.), and Olivia, and affect the intimacy of the latter with Eunice (Janella Salvador) because of her friendship. May also be issues with self-director of the group Kiko (Elmo Magalona) due to see her closeness with John’s Eunice (Ronnie Alonte). They are not classmates of John, They just included helping the project . Thought to decrease the tension generated in the associations they played  Bloody Crayon  where as players are subject to confessions, rules  and consequences  that drinking a mixture of drinks inbloody mug . In this game they died with Marie for poisoning the drinking water after drinking the flesh penalty bloody mug.   Next is the death row together. Rules and consequences to drink mixed bloody mugs . In this game first died was their partner Marie because of drinking water poisoning after drinking bloody mug punishment . Next is the death row together. Rules and consequences to drink mixed  bloody mugs . In this game first died was their partner Marie because of drinking water poisoning after drinking bloody mugpunishment  . Next is the death row together.   The story of  Bloody Crayons  is characterized by the director’s directive to fill the  suspense   from start to finish. The exchange of shooting scenes is effective   and actual tension delivery. Camera cameras are beautiful and artistic at different angles of the island, sea and plateau, inside and outside the old house, and forests. The composition is as good as the seafront scenes of the seafarers, Eunice and John’s conversations on the balcony that Kiko witnessed in secret, John’s solitude inside a snare with a seashore, etc. . Applied sounds, music and lights are all suited for scenes and stories. Also the design of production, Clothing and make-up . The young artists’ performance is just and credible in their respective characters. However, the long-running scene of Olivia and Eunice’s long-standing scenes in the forest and long talks in tension-filled situations. Overall, the technical aspects of the film are good. Young people, as students who want to complete the  school requirement   to complete their course, are featured in the Bloody Crayons movie  . They are strayed on a distant island because of this. As responsible students are doing everything to complete the school’s need. However, if there are issues with each other it is better to fix it first before it breaks together. Disclosures of secrecy have been a burden of the burst of anger and the impetuousness of youthful features in the movie. Two golden lessons must be remembered by a person to be more productive in life: first, “the truth frees”; Second, “no secret not revealed”. These are not considered by Eunice because he wants to protect and not hurt his best friend. The allegedly simple film project has led to the massacre and has finally embraced the dreams of completing their course. It is appalling that a young person can kill friends because of the failure of love, betrayal of friends, secrecy that makes him foolish. There may be a lot of pain in this experience but there is a way to surpass it with the right process and guidance. Parents and schools are responsible for these situations. Repentance is always the last. Aside from killing, the pre-marital sex theme also floats ,Betrayal and drunkenness in the confession of the Bloody Crayon game which is the source of passion for the characters of the story. These themes are delicate and require a process and require the ripe mind of the viewer.

Screenshots :

Bloody Crayons.2017.torrent